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Free Online Tutorials: Statistics and More

Stat Trek's free, Online tutorials get you productive as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our tutorials cover:

Topics are introduced in short, easy-to-understand lessons; and online help is just a mouse click away.

Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics

Stat Trek's Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics tutorial has been carefully developed to help you master the Advanced Placement Statistics Examination. This tutorial provides accurate and complete coverage of the AP Statistics curriculum.


Researchers draw conclusions under uncertainty. This introduction to probability theory explains how to quantify the uncertainty inherent in research inferences. It covers discrete probability models like the binomial and continous models like the normal distribution.

Linear Regression

Linear regression allows you to predict scores on one variable, based on scores on one or more other variables. This practical tutorial is packed with clear explanations and hands-on examples to guide you through the fundamentals of simple and multiple regression.


This tutorial explains how to use analysis of variance to assess the effect of one or more treatment factors on a single interval- or ratio-scale variable. Describes critical assumptions and computations through clear, easy-to-understand examples.

Survey Sampling

Saavy statisticians use probability samples when they conduct survey research. This tutorial describes three probability methods for selecting and analyzing sample data - simple random sampling, stratified sampling, and cluster sampling.

Matrix Algebra

This tutorial is an easy-to-understand introduction to matrix algebra, emphasizing matrix methods that are widely used in advanced statistics. After completing this tutorial, you will be familiar with matrix nomenclature, matrix notation, and common matrix operations.

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